Kicking off Futsal’19

The Vinod Gupta School of Management kicked off its annual Futsal tournament on 15th October 2019 with the auction being conducted by Team Olympia – the Sports Committee of VGSoM. This extravaganza of sports saw more than 60 students registering as players, as they went under the gavel. This year’s edition saw more than 75 people suiting up to be managers. They were divided into 4 teams – The Blue Raiders, The Black Knights, The Red Devils, and The White Wizards; teams whose rivalry on the field runs as deep as their bonhomie off the field.

First Image
Kicking off Futsal’19 in style

The Auctions

To emulate a real tournament auction, the 60 registered players were split into 4 bands – 7 Million (4 players), 5 Million (12 players), 3 Million (24 players) and 1 Million (20 players). The managers for each team were given a spending limit of 100 Million to bid for players and make a team of 15 players. Each team had different strategies about bidding and had their eyes set on certain players before the auction. The managers collaborated their knowledge of analytics and accounting to compose the best team possible in the given budget.

Star player Rajeev Mahiwal became the most expensive player when he was bid for a whopping 29.1 Million by The Black Knights. Ace footballer Akshay Motwani was snatched by The Blue Raiders for a very bold price of 27 Million. Previous year’s Golden Boot holder Jayaprakash was purchased by The White Wizards for 23.5 Million. The Red Devils managed their finances more conservatively as they got Aditya Garg, who they believed was their ace in the hole for a stellar deal of 16.4 Million. Nishit Goel from the batch of 2019-21 emerged as the most expensive buy from his batch as he was bid for a very flattering price of 18.4 Million by The Black Knights.

Auction Collage
Managers of the 4 teams striving hard to get the best players!

As always, the auction brought out the brilliant strategies of students as they got the first-hand experience of bidding. What was unique about the auction was the fact that it was a mixture of fun and learning, making it a memorable night for all those involved. With the teams ready and the auctions finally done, the annual fight to prove which team is the best began once more.

The 4 captains all decked to set the fields on fire!

The riveting matches

The first matchday which was on 26th October 2019 saw the defending champions, The Black Knights taking on The White Wizards while The Red Devils faced The Blue Raiders. Although all the players played their hearts out, both matches resulted in goalless draws. While the scoreboard didn’t see any excitement, the spectators were thrilled by the outstanding performance of each team.

Day 1 Collage
Showcasing breath-taking sportsmanship and camaraderie

The first match on Matchday 2 between The Red Devils and The Black Knights also resulted in a goalless draw, resulting in speculations being drawn about all teams having equal standing in the end. The second match on that day alleviated any such fears with The White Wizards making a remarkable comeback in the last few minutes to challenge the dominance of the Blue Raiders who were leading 1-0 for a majority of the match. This win opened up a lot of opportunities for all the teams to reach the finals and make up for an exciting last round of fixtures.

Day 2 Collage
Sweating on the fields day and night 

The nail-biting finale

With the teams already having calculated their odds of reaching the finals, they braced themselves for the most grueling matches of the tournament. But in the end, it was The Red Devils and The Black Knights who played better than everyone else to secure their place in the finals.

Final Collage
The teams Red Devils and Black Knights making it to the finals

It was as good to hedge your bet on any team as each team had their own amazing players and unique strategies that led them to the finals. After failing to produce a goal, the match was forced into extra time. With just two minutes on the clock, The Red Devils’ ace in the hole Aditya Garg scored an extraordinary goal to lead his team to victory.

Final Image
Red Devils owning the Futsal’19 cup

Aditya Garg was crowned as “The Player of The Tournament” for his remarkable performance throughout the tournament and scoring that all-important goal in the finals that won his team the tournament.

The event turned out to be a massive success, and a large portion of the credit can be attributed to the managers who stood by their teams through the rain, pain, and fame. The managers were also assessed on various parameters such as team support, field presence, social media engagement, and their knowledge of Futsal trivia. The Managers’ Cup was awarded to The Black Knights. As the event ended in an evening of athletic glory, the players rejoiced in the spirit of the game, gearing up for the next year when they do it all over again.

Futsal – A saga of never-ending fun!



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