Amid twinkling eyes and glittering smiles, 

And colours of heaven defined on canvass,

Intricate imaginations, talent anonymous

On the stage of art, we witnessed the class.

Yes, we dream, we protect, we care,

We make a world to live with Saamanjasya.


The colours of the rainbow scattered on the canvass of talent, splash of crimson, blue and green, the beauty of mountains and valleys, rivers flawlessly tearing through them to the shore, and over them carefully analyzing, blushing pink faces. Saamanjasya recreates this alluring day each year and gives wings to these children to fly beyond their horizon and show the world how they see the world.

Saamanjasya, the student-run Social Initiative Club of the Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur strives to create a brighter future and eternal growth of the society. Driven by the passion and belief of eradicating the social issues pervasive in our society, Saamanjasya conducts various events to achieve their vision. The Rangmanch 2019 celebrations at Disha-Seema is one such colourful initiative of theirs to get closer to their goal.

Vibrant scenes from the celebrations

Disha-Seema, a fully functional school inside the IIT campus, is a school for underprivileged but exceptionally talented students. It should be the moral obligation of any society to not let such talents die. Saamanjasya stands tall at providing opportunities to these children which would chisel their talents and give them the confidence to flourish in this competitive world.

Rangmanch started with the distribution of canvass papers, stationery and colours to all the students from Nursery to 12th standard. In order to bring out the deep imagination of children, students were asked to paint their thoughts and were not restricted to any particular topic. Their jaw-dropping imaginative canvasses were not just mere colours but had deep meaning about the social issues captivating the society. Every careful stroke of colour from them is the vision the world will soon see being changed by them. To complement their efforts, every class was given two prizes right from nursery to 12th standard. The students from the 2017-2019 batch of the Vinod Gupta School of Management were the judges for the competition. Each and every painting was incredible in its own way. The event ended with the winner’s felicitation and sweets distribution.

Rangmanch proved to be a great success. The smiles say it all!

With a crystal clear vision and a strong will to lead the way, Saamanjasya is on the path of a glorious journey where they unite to provide a justified childhood to all the kids. 

“A million dreams these eyes see, a billion ways to make them true,

Together we’ll draw an enlightened tomorrow, with Saamanjasya we stand by you.”


Picture Credits: VGSoM Flash

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