It is only when ideas flow freely that true disruptions come into the picture. The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) of the Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur made this possible by conducting their hugely successful event, ‘Think Hatke’.

Glimpses from the event

An event spanning three weeks, ‘Think Hatke’ (meaning, Think Differently) involved solving new problems every week. For each week, winners and runners were announced separately. For the first week, the problem statement was related to the breakfast problem faced by students in the IIT Kharagpur campus and the teams had to come up with innovative solutions for it. After receiving phenomenal participation from the students, team Green Hats (Utkarsh Roy and Sai Krishna) emerged as the winners and team Zenith (Manpreet Singh and Anjali Bhawnani) secured the runners-up position.

Teams Green Hats (left) and Zenith with the judge, Prof. Tutan Ahmed

For the second week, the event named ‘Lovator Pitch’ was conducted, wherein the teams in two had to write an elevator pitch about themselves to their desirable boy/girl by using business jargons. After the conclusion of this viral event, team Mavericks (Kolli Raman and Kosha Agarwal) emerged as the winners and team Hame Kuchh Bhi Nahi Ata (Kedar Kulkarni and Rahul Jagannath Bonde) secured the runners-up position.

Teams Mavericks (left) and Hame Kuchh Bhi Nahi Ata

For the final round, conducted in the third week, the top two teams from the first two weeks were provided direct entry and four more teams were allowed to participate. The teams were given a problem statement on the spot related to the transportation problem faced by IIT Kharagpur community. Prof. Tutan Ahmed of VGSoM graciously evaluated the performances of the finalists and the team Inventors (Shobhit Singh and Rohit Gupta) deservingly won the competition, while teams Verdict (Nishant Kumar and Rajeev Mahiwal) and E-417 (Ashish Raj and Neelabh Garg) secured the 1st runners-up and the 2nd runners-up positions respectively.

The winners of the final round, team Inventors pose with their award
Final Round
Prof. Tutan Ahmed awarding teams Verdict (left) and E-417

The members of E-Cell put up a great show with their commendable efforts. Think Hatke inspired the students to think beyond regular boundaries and create solutions that are not only exciting but also feasible. The VGSoM family looks forward to witnessing similar events in the future.


Picture Credits: VGSoM Flash

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