The Consulting Club of the Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur conducted its divergent event “Ready Player One” in association with The KGPian Game Theory Society, IIT Kharagpur. An on-spot strategy based event, Ready Player One was designed to test the grey matter and cognitive skills of individuals and teams alike.

The participants enjoying to the fullest

In this first of a kind event at VGSoM, the turn up was unprecedented and in turn, had to be capped off at 16 teams due to time constraints. To emerge as the victor, the teams had to go through 8 gruelling rounds, where each team competed against every other. The mixture of participants from both the batches helped spice things up. Each round was designed to test various conceptual abilities while also predicting the ‘next’ move of your competitor to drive home the advantage.

Ready Player One was one fine blend of tactics and fun

As stated by the  KGPian Game Theory Society organisers, common sense above everything else was supposed to be the ally of the teams involved and how true it was. After the constant swing of balance, there was a tie for the first position with Team Zero and The Chargers emerging as the victors.

The winners of the event cherishing their moment of glory

It was for the first time that The Consulting Club collaborated with another student body from the IIT Kharagpur setup and we hope it’s the start of a long, fruitful partnership that opens the door for many more such inquisitive and collaborative efforts.

Your move, Player One.


Picture Credits: VGSoM Flash

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